Super thin “Heat pipes“ with insolated copper foils

Sometimes the installation space in a device is not enough space for the use of conventional cooling elements, or the heat source and heat sink are not in the same location. But even in this case the smart heat management products by CMC can be an answer.

Because of the pressure, to install more electrical power into smaller cases the heat conduction will becoming a more significant role.

This is why graphite films are used in modern high-performance smartphones, for example to quickly spread the generated heat in CPU and GPU during video viewing and release it thru an enlarged surface.

But not all applications require such an expensive solution and stick to the factor of minimal thickness. CMC Klebetechnik offers single-sided and double-sided isolated copper foils for the sector of very flat additional cooling. By using a heat conducting glue the die-cut parts are affixed for example on the surface of IC’s.

The copper foil has an excellent thermal conductance and removes the resulting heat loss rapidly from the component. After that the heat can be released thru the enlarged surface. According to this a temperature reduction of 10 to 20 °C is possible.

In a similar way the power components can be connected to a remote cooling element via an isolated copper foil. The insulation of a copper foil consists of the heat conducting KAPTON MT, which is a very good electrical insulation but it enables thermally the connection to heat source and heat sink. The heat conducting glue also provides an excellent wetting of the surface and thus a low contact resistance, even on rough surfaces.

The “Heat pipes” made of copper foil are produced individually for every costumer – just send us your request.